Jewelry Upcycling Process

Ladies (and gentleman too), we all have a few of these pieces in our jewelry boxes and underwear drawers: that brooch from Great Aunt Sally that's too old fashioned to wear, that ring from Grandma that doesn't fit and isn't our style anyway, that engraved baby bracelet that's too small to wear anymore. Am I right?

You're not throwing any of it away, because it's meaningful. But it's just sitting there. Let's do something with it!

I call it jewelry upcycling. And you can feel good about it, because the meaningful stuff is going to get used, and you're not wasting excess new materials and resources in the process. It's practically conservation, people!

Here's how it works:

  • Project Discussion: In the first call, I'll ask you about the piece(s) you want to recycle. It's helpful if you send me pictures of the pieces ahead of the call. We'll discuss what components we can use from your jewelry, and what designs are feasible with those materials. In some cases, I may need to see the jewelry in person to make a final judgement about possible designs. Follow-up calls or meetings can be scheduled as necessary. 
  • Project AgreementOnce we agree to work together, I'll ask for a deposit to get started on the project we've discussed. This covers my design time plus any initial materials I need for the design. You'll need to give me your jewelry at this point so I can start working with it.
  • Design Work: I'll provide you with a design proposal, usually in the form of a CAD design or hand-drafted rendering. You can either approve the design as-is or request modifications. More than two rounds of modification may incur additional charges. Depending on your design, I may ask you to view and select stones during this stage. 
  • FabricationOnce you approve your design, fabrication begins. Because your piece is one-of-a-kind and made-to-order, it may take up to 3-4 weeks to be completed.
  • CompletionOnce your design is finished, it will be shipped fully insured to you and you will pay the balance on your account. Time to enjoy, celebrate, and show off your unique design to all your friends and family!