If you like it then YOU should put a ring on it!

E|E is rooted in my experience advising young men on engagement ring purchases while I was an MBA student at Columbia Business School. Word got around that I had worked at GIA, and inevitably young men researching the 4Cs found their way to me. I coached a lot of guys through the engagement ring selection process, often without any interaction with the women on the receiving end.

As E|E has started to grow in earnest, I am now collaborating with couples on engagement rings and wedding bands. I love that work dearly, trust me. It is a pleasure and an honor to be involved in the first steps of their shared journey, creating things to commemorate that sacred beginning. But I am also insanely pleased by the number of women who have sought me out to commission and purchase designs for themselves.  

See, founding and building E|E has been an incredibly personal and meaningful journey. For me, the decision to start E|E meant choosing to stop trying to be something I’m not, and instead start embracing what I am. I celebrated that commitment to myself by designing and making the sapphire engagement ring and wedding band I’d always wanted.

I wear that engagement set daily, even though it confuses people (I’m not actually married, except to my business I guess). When I explain its story to women who ask about it—“I knew exactly what I wanted, so I went ahead and made it instead of sitting around waiting for someone to give it to me!”—I am amazed and delighted to see their faces light up. Clearly I’ve struck a chord with modern women. It’s ok to know exactly what you want, ladies! And it’s ok to go get it!

Watching the number of female clients grow has been tremendously satisfying. I am proud of my own choice to “walk the walk” of being my own best friend and #1 advocate. It brings me nothing but joy to help female clients create their own moments of empowerment. If you like it then YOU should put a ring on it ladies!

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